Hiking in Velebit Mountains


The “Paklenica National Park” is situated on the other side of the Velebit Channel, close to the village Starigrad. You can see it from your terrace looking east over the channel. It is easy to reach per car in 30 minutes.

An unbelievable beautiful nature reserve area is stretched over 95km² (37mi²) at the southern hills of the velebit mountains. Center part are the 2 canyons Mala- and Velika Paklenica which means as much as “Small- and Large Hellcanyon”. There are suspicions that the name could also come from the old name of the resin of the local trees, the black pine. It was called “Pakline”.

NP Paklenica is per proclamation a protected area since 1949. It is also an UNESCO Biosphere reservation. It offer both, well prepared hiking routes where you don’t even need mountain boots as well as more tricky routs for the real hillwalking fans. The tracks are well marked with signs and information boards. Stands and small mountain huts invite for a break with food and cool drinks.

In addition, Paklenica offers an Eldorado for climbers. Because of the location the season for climbing is almost 11 month long. The stunning view on the sea is only beaten by up to 350m high climbing tracks at almost vertical walls. Everybody will find his spot, from beginners to experts.

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