live like at home

you should feel like you are home, in an easy, comfortable ambience. you can unwind and drop your stress.


All floors and bathrooms are covered with premium stone and ceramic tiles. In the ground floor you will find a bathroom (shower and toilette) and a wide area which combines kitchen, dining room and living room. A large glass front with sliding doors leads you to the terrace and the mini garden. The sofa in the living room is extendible to an additional double bed.


We took particular care off the treasured interior decoration and fitting. A stairway leads you to the first floor which provides a proper bedroom with a double bed and a large cupboard. A separate front room (separated by a glass wall) contains another sofa which is also extendible to an additional double bed if needed. From here you have again a stunning view over the sea and the mountains.

A balcony door and a small balcony get you via another stair to the roof terrace. The view from here is simply a must see. No words just get there and watch it yourself.

Come to our just newly-made wonderful row houses in Atrium-Blue with a modern architecture. Own entrance, 2 stories, own terrace with a mini garden and a roof terrace. Glass front on both floors towards the sea and the mountains. You won’t get enough of the stunning view on both. All of that in a Mediterranean environment. Pure, honest, raw and rough. Crystal clear water, rocky environment, pure nature for swimming, walking, tracking, cycling and climbing.

Atrium Blue Luxusapartments!

Ražanac XII,  17F
23248 Ražanac - Kroatien

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