Sea with ruggedly, rocky environment

The village 'Razanac'

Razanac (pronounced rashanats) is an over 500 year old little village with not even 1000 citizens. It offers everything if you are looking for Mediterranean purity: a view restaurants and bistros, 2 small corner stores (mom-and-pop grocery stores) which offer in a wondrously way on just a view square meters everything you need from fresh bakery goods over butcher products and food to health, sanitary and bathroom articles.

There is an ice cream parlor as well as a bakery, a doctor and a pharmacy.  In the evening you find local people sitting at the little “harbor” having a chat about their day or playing boccia for hours on one of the countless boccia places you will find at every corner. You will for sure NOT find countless, noisy shopping strips along the beach with toy booths, lights and clubs.

Razanac is directly situated at the sea within a ruggedly, rocky environment. Only the final mile on the street to Razanac is mind opening fun already. On the gradient street you drive through a pine-tree grove and looking directly through the buildings to the glittering sea embedded in the mountains of Velebit as a frame. Pure nature.

In the center of the village you will find some very old walls and a little fisher haven only for the local fisher boats. You will rather not find any fancy yachts there. During a walk along the waterline there are alternating versions of beaches. Gravel, stones and larger rocks are waiting to be discovered. Try it by foot, bicycle or car.

Direct access to the water

Atrium Interior Ansicht
Map with Razanac and Atrium (Click to enlarge)

Not even 80m down to the sea you will find a rock beach with several entrances to the water. There are more to come.
A view 100 meters further along the coast line behind another small local harbor you find the first (of several) beautifull gravel beaches. Ideal for families with children.

Karl May

Atrium Umgebung
Atrium Vicinity

If you suddenly feel like you are in a Karl May Western movie on your excursions, you are perfectly right: Almost all Karl May movies and especially the Winnetou films were shot in this region and in Velebit mountains. There is a Winnetou Museum nearby and lots of references to filming locations. Just google the words Winnetou and Velebit.


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