sightseen and attractions in the vicinity

Superb sightseen spots such as the National Park Krka or Krka waterfalls or the Plitvice Lakes National Park, historic cities such as Zadar, Split and many more.



Split is situated roughly 1h south of Razanac. With 178.000 citizens it is about 2.5 times bigger than Zadar. Just like in Zadar, you will find roots back to the old Greeks and Romans as well. The main attraction for sure, is the “Historical Complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian” which belongs to the UNESCO world heritage, in scripted there in 1979.

The palace only builds almost half of the historical city center. A must see. There is so much to do in Split, you must calculate a day. Countless narrow pedestrian streets, coffee shops, shops and of course cultural must see spots and buildings.

national park krka and krka waterfalls

Roughly 50km south of Razanac (predominantly on a highway) is the National Park Krka on an area as big as 110km². Main attractions are the waterfalls, lakes and swamps. Because of the geographical situation, this park is one of the most valuable areas when it comes to bird migration and richness in species.

national park plitvice lakes

Sorry, yes again an absolute must see and another UNESCO world heritage. The national park around the lakes of Plitvice is situated 100km heading northeast of Razanac.

Since there is simply too much to say about it here a brief summary: stunning waterfalls and lakes arranged in cascades on an area of almost 300km². Many, very nicely made tracks where you can walk (guided or unguided) for ever in an enchanting nature.


Zadar with its 75.000 citizens is roughly 20km west of Razanac and it is the administration city of the county Zadar. It is the domicile of the archdiocese and the university.

We have to say, the cultural development of Zadar is on an extreme high pace. We are talking culture, theater, festivals, city renewals etc.

Zadar goes back to the Romans. Believe it or not, the longest part of its history, Zadar was part of Venice. Based on that and several other cultures there is still much to find and see. Buildings, thermae, squares, walls and so on. We could spend hundreds of pages just on that. Take a city tour (the walking version through the city center), it is offered in many different languages.

Shopping in Zadar

Both are offered there: Really gigantic Shopping malls outside of the city center (e.g. Super Nova) as well as the typical collection of countless tiny shops in the countless streets in the historical city center. A day is not enough to discover everything. Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Jewelry, Souvenirs’, bits and bobs, technique, bars, restaurants, coffees, ice cream, fast-food, story tellers, liars, impostors and jugglers.

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