How could you describe a place which is indescribable?
Experience your best Croatia Holiday in our newly-made apartments.

Wonderful infinite peace and silence


Atrium BLUE

Holiday at the sea in the “real” Croatia. Tired of all the "typical" Mediterranean tourist places with endless shopping and drinking strips. Full of toy stands, clubs and noise, while none of it is "true"?

Make sure you place your reservation of one of our row houses within the season 2019.

Come to our just newly-made wonderful row houses in Atrium-Blue with a modern architecture. Own entrance, 2 stories, own terrace with a mini garden and a roof terrace. Glass front on both floors towards the sea and the mountains. You won’t get enough of the stunning view on both. All of that in a Mediterranean environment. Pure, honest, raw and rough. Crystal clear water, rocky environment, pure nature for swimming, walking, tracking, cycling and climbing.

Spring Offer April und May