The architecture

Atrium Blue is a building with 6 row houses in premium quality and modern architecture, not just a brick. Made in 2015. It has been built with clay bricks and a strong and modern isolation beneath the plaster. This keeps the house warm in winter and cool in summer and conserves resources. Our plan for the near future is to install a solar system for electrical energy and water heating. The infrastructure (wiring and tubes) are already installed.

The single row houses are horizontally as well as vertically slightly shifted to each other and adopt much smoother to the hilly ground. Each house has its own entrance door and parking place. Towards the ocean there is terrace, a small garden and a small balcony in the first floor. It is the last building in that (just created, not yet paved) street. After that there is only nature up to the horizon. The roof terrace on the flat roof invites for a sun bath or meditation. It is simply an incredible view over the village and the azure sea to the mountains of Velebit.

Here a view on the terrace side

Here a view on the terrace side

All you can see is the sea, from the terrace.... well as from the roof...

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